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come home to your wild self


welcome to a space dedicating to empowering you

to shift from a starving artist to a thriving creative

improve your

health & wellness

be your most creative

& productive self

manifest abundance in your life & business

do good

for the earth


Becoming Journal

30 days of healing & growing

in the space between who you are & who you want to be

Are you living fully & freely?

Or are you living out old patterns of survival

& coping mechanisms?

Learn how to start showing up for yourself.

i'm molly

hey there

I've been on a journey back to myself, like the Merrow  - mermaids from Irish folklore - who found their way back to the ocean after years on land.

I used betray myself because that's how I learned to survive,

and now I am learning to show up for myself.


I'm working on finding out who I am, putting myself before my business, making peace with my past, healing my trauma, using food as medicine, moving my body, and rewilding back to my most natural, creative, & joyful self. All while working remotely running a website studio business I founded, working for a healthy relationship with my fiancé, and enjoying the life I've been given.