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rewild & rehome your creative soul

The idea of rewilding and rehoming our souls, and freeing our creativity sounds awesome...

But what does that actually look like in a day-to-day, over-civilized life? 

It's not just dancing in the forest and bathing crystals, although both are more than acceptable.


But most of us have jobs, families, responsibilities.

Many of us have illness and injury.

How do we find wildness, freedom, healing, and creativity in that?


One of the most tangible first steps you can take is to prepare your body to be reconnected with your soul.

Our bodies are living habitats. We are ever growing and renewing microflora and cells. We are creation. 

Just like wolves in the wild, we depend on our habitat for our freedom and livelihood. 

In our current society, we are exposed to toxins constantly and a standard diet lacks essential nutrients the body needs.

Body work is not only necessary for soul work, but it will also uncover soul work, as it is scientifically proven that we hold emotions in our bodies. 

Remember. Healing is your birthright.

I've created a FREE three-phase detox that helps you slowly and gently transition to a low-toxin, high-nutrient diet. 

Tap below to learn more. 

"Do you want a vegetable with dinner?"

Now, my meals are based around plants, but that used to be the question. And let me tell you, making this transition was very confusing. 

What vegetables taste good? How do I make them? What do I do with them? Which ones are the most essential?

I've taken the work out. I've done the research. And now I present to you my meal plan/recipe list. 


It's simple, easy, affordable, and accessible. 

I work over 50 hours a week. I promise, you can do this too.

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