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Staying In Touch With Your Wild Soul

Life has always and will always have demands, and as times change, so do those demands. And while the Wild Spirit stays the same, how we access it - how we stay connected to it, changes with the times. Living alone in the wilderness for extended periods of time bathing in the ocean, sleeping in the woods, and disconnecting from the world is not exactly realistic for the majority of us. Thankfully, wildness isn't exclusive to those who have the money and time to disappear for weeks. We can visit home whenever we want.

There are signs that you need to return home to your soul world, but in an environment where we are constantly restricted from living according to our intuitive and creative instincts, the signs are so common they seem normal. A racing mind. Out of touch with what we really think or feel. No longer see our passions as priority. Outbursts or breakdowns. Burnout. Seeking attention and approval. Feeling tired or unmotivated. Not feeling that we deserve self care. But most of all, you feel the longing in your chest for a break, for peace of mind, for a deep breath that settles you. You hear the voice telling you to stop, to come home.

You want to listen - but how? How could you possibly do that when so many things rely on you? The dog? Your children? Clients? Bills? The dirty dishes?

Luckily, connecting with your soul can be as subtle or extravagant, as short or long as you need and can take. What matters is that it lets you be present with the moment and with yourself.

It may be watching the world pass from your front porch. Relaxing your shoulders and taking a deep breath as you read this. Walking barefoot through the grass. Lighting incense. Telling someone no. Noticing how the trees look different today. Sitting by the window in a cafe. Really, truly hugging a friend. Imagining the hot shower rinsing away the negative thoughts and feelings. Feeling the summer breeze come in through the windows. Writing down how you really feel. Daydreaming. Watching the light on the water. Reading your favorite passage from a book. Asking someone's opinion and doing the exact opposite. Driving to a different city without all your plans set and sleeping in your car. Laying on your back on your carpet listening to your favorite song. Finally hanging up a painting you love. Closing your eyes to really taste your food. Playing a song on your grandfather's guitar.

Some of these take just a few minutes, others a few days. What's most important is that you find what works for you. There may be a little extra dust on the shelves, your boss may have to wait a few extra minutes for your email, your partner may not hear from you for a few hours. But the dust will come back no matter how many times you clean, your boss will have to be patient, and your partner should love you more for loving yourself.

Wild does not mean crazy and out of control. Wild means living and growing in your natural environment. Being uncontrolled and unrestrained. Developing strong instincts for survival and listening to them. Being sharply in touch with who we are, keenly aware of our surroundings, and excellent at navigating the two together. And we can only do this if we make time to return home and reconnect with our wild soul.

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