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My Favorite Quick, Low-Prep, High-Fat Dinner

Dude, life is so busy sometimes.

Sometimes slowing down means taking the long way, but a lot of the time, slowing down means finding ways to work efficiently.

Working efficiently doesn't mean you won't work mindfully.

But maybe if your dinner only takes ten minutes, you'll actually have time to take a bath or meditate later that evening.

And I get it. Although I am working to heal and slow down, I still have bills to pay. I commute 3 hours a day on top of my 40 hour work week. Free time during the week is sacred. I have to work to protect it.

Lately, I have been investing in how to simplify my dinner routine without compromising on nutrition.

This is my latest discovery and I am obsessed.

It's a Mex-American dish that is super customizable and just requires a little prep ahead of time. It lasts 3 days if you're living on your own! (And thank God because I swear most online recipes are for couples or family's and I'm horrible at portioning). Plus if your partner decides to move in with you, just double it.

OR, if you are a dog mom like me, you can double it and leave out one of the ingredients so that you best friend can enjoy it with you.



2 Hard Boiled Eggs

perfect hard boiled egg recipe is coming soon

1/3 Can Organic Black Beans

1 Organic Avocado

1/3 Jar of Organic Salsa of your choice


Smoked Paprika

Chili Powder


- Heating up the beans and salsa in small pan is nice sometimes

- Add organic quinoa if you want a grain

- You can obviously have the eggs how you like them. I hard boil mine ahead of time so that I only need to peel them the day of.

Dog Friendly Version:

1 Hard Boiled Egg

1/3 Can Organic Black Beans

1 Scoop Quinoa

NO salsa (bc of the onion), NO seasonings.

Avocado can be given in small amounts occasionally to medium-large dogs, but large amounts of avocado given frequently could be potentially toxic for dogs. Avocado contains an oil-soluble compound called persin, which is very similar in structure to fatty acids. Persin is toxic to fungi and can cause lasting health issues to small mammals such as rabbits and mice.

So, that is my favorite go to meal lately! I do all my prep on Sunday & Wednesday (I would do Thursday if I didn't work late). Then dinner takes about 5-10 minutes to prep.

If you try it, post it in your story on Instagram & tag @merrow___ to let me know what you think!

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