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3 Easy and Affordable Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles

Turns out BPA-free doesn't mean it's safe. The are research studies that show how the replacement chemicals, BPS and BDF, aren't so great either. They have been known to be "as hormonally active as BPA."

Yep. I was you when I read this information for myself. Scrolling through Empowered Autoimmune's instagram posts, sipping water from my BPA-free Nalgene. I spit the water back into the bottle and defeatedly set it down on the table. I had JUST bought this bottle.

It had the cool vintage REI logo on it. I even used some of my REI giftcard for it.

Thankfully, I don't have to get rid of it just yet... I haven't come up with a good enough non-plastic alternative for backpacking. But under nearly all other circumstances, I knew I could do better.

Here are my favorite alternatives to plastic water bottles.

1. Reuse an old glass bottle.

I have been drinking Aloe Vera regularly, so all I had to do after reading the research was head up the stairs, throw down the final shot of juice, and wash out the bottle. Extra points for reusing!

I got mine at Giant Eagle Market District, but here is an Aloe Vera product that I love using and came highly recommended from my chiropractor.

2. Soma Glass Water Bottle

If you need it to be cute AND have it fit in your cup holder AND even give back to the world, check out this sleek bottle that is as clean as it looks. It has a natural bamboo top, and every purchase invests money into their partner nonprofit that supports safe water around the world. Plus, you get to choose your color.

3. Mason Jars

Listen. Mason jars are THE most useful and cost effective product to ever exist. Swear, I use it for everything. Chia seeds, broth, upside down salads, and now, the simplest of all. Water. The only issue is the LID. Yes. Mason jar lids in the US have a plastic coating to prevent rusting. So make sure you either don't use a lid, don't let the liquid touch the lid, or get an alternative like this one.

There ya go!

You may feel so frustrated right now as you look at all your BPA-free products. I understand. You are allowed to feel frustrated. But also be patient with yourself. We are all learning, even the scientists doing the research. As long as we continue to be intentional and mindful, and support our body's natural detoxing process, we will be fine.

Speaking of learning, if you have any more alternatives to plastic or aluminum bottles that I missed, share below in the comments!!

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