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Idaho Part 2: Seven Layers of RV Park Hell

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After our hike, we had to stay in Idaho Falls because of the car. It was time for an oil change and tire rotation, and we kept hearing squeaking from the back right wheel. We decided to make the most of it and use the stop for laundry and showers as well.

When you’re living on the road, you have a few options for these things.

You can shower at a truck stop. You can do your laundry at a laundromat. You could even stay in a hotel or rent an AirBnB.

There weren’t any truck stops around, and we weren’t in the mood to spend the night at a truck stop or Walmart parking lot. So, we decided on the only other option.

RV Park.

Listen. I get it. It’s convenient. It’s cheaper than a hotel or AirBnB. It’s great for a quick overnight and for families. You get running water and electricity. And I have stayed in one or two RV Parks that are ACTUALLY nice (Rocky Mountain Hi in Montana, you were great).

But those positives shrink in comparison to the overwhelming reasons that they are no fun, and the nice ones are few and far between. And in Idaho Falls, we stayed in maybe one of the worst ones I have ever been to.

These are the seven layers of hell we had to get through to survive our night there.

Layer 1: You’re all on top of each other

We pull in to find out that what we thought was one small tent site was actually two tiny tent sites, squeezed between some trees and an RV. And every single site had dogs.

Layer 2: Kids everywhere

Loud, screaming children. Sometimes even crying screaming children. Listen, I love kids and I love seeing kids play outside. But there's something about an RV park that makes them insane. Do they really need to be running around outside screaming? I swear sometimes they should ban kids and allow dogs…

Layer 3: Fireworks

You can’t ever see them, but you can hear them. And dogs hate them. Dogs at the rv park barked all evening. Miska paced our site and wrecked our set up, then paced the tent and climbed all over us until 1am.

Layer 4: Amenities are rarely as great as they say online

Two washers and two dryers that hardly work do not count as “laundry” – sorry. And a pool that barely fit 5 kids? No thanks. We all know the pee-to-water ratio is not adequate.

Layer 5: No one picked up the dog poop

*sigh* Need I say more?

Layer 6: You’re not even in nature, you’re in a city

There's just something disenchanting about hearing traffic as you sit by the fire.

Layer 7: Overpriced

This one really did it for me. We paid $40. FORTY DOLLARS. You know what I pay to stay at a gorgeous National Forest campground? $18.

When I got the text from Jake the next morning that the car was cleared to go and we didn’t have to stay at the RV park another night, I jumped up out of the tent so fast I almost tripped on Miska. We did it. We had survived.

We packed up quick and headed off to our next site that would be nearly the complete opposite of an RV park.

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Heads up. In case you can't read emotion through the interwebs, this is not a serious post. It wasn't so bad. I'm being dramatic for effect.